Gallery of Heroes who made it to the top...
...before you

Michael, Chris, Veerle, Mirjam, Frits, Jeroen and Gerrit
made it to the top.

George Spiler and his friends were at the summit:

"Much of the appeal lies in the personal satisfaction, having successfully summitted the mountain gives you great mental power. Despite the strenuous climb, both physically and emotionally, it was an experience to remember. We were on the roof of Africa: Nico Bemelmans, Marcel Heckmans, Pablo Korver, Arthur van der Pluym, Bert Russell, Jos Russel, Ton Sijstermans and George Spiler."

Peter Jansma made it to the top:

"It was great to experience this adventure. What a fantastic route and a great view at the top. An adventure to never forget!"

Bram, Siem and Joep Dingemans were at the summit:

Simon Hoogenkamp made it to the summit:

Simon: "During the climb you wonder why you do it,
but once on top you forget the pain and the nausea.
The view was breathtaking!"

Johan Langbroek and Kees Kleijn made it to the summit:

Johan: "6.50am at the summit of the Kili.
We had to work hard for it but what a great experience!!"

Joy Somers made it to the summit:

Joy: "I made it to the top!"

Merijn and Irene were on top of Mount Kilimanjaro:

Irene: "After walking five wonderful days and sometimes a bit of a scramble,
we then made our last ordeal on the sixth day and arrived at the summit on 7.15am
with our two good guides Hugo and Sharim!
A great experience to remember! Thanks for the good organisation."

Frans, Ans, Erik en Marinus van Schijndel made it to the top:

Susanne Beentjes "together with my dad" Jan Beentjes made it to the summit:

Susanne: "We have reached the summit of Kilimanjaro!
We had an afwul good time and really enjoyed this trip.
If was a good ending of my five months in Tanzania!
We had a really nice group and together as one team we made it to the top, really super!
We are also very satisfied with the guide, the cook, porters and all!"

The 68-year-old Lei Stroucken:

Lei: "For me the climb was the ultimate childhood dream, now realized.
Gratefully and with great awe and appreciation for the help from the guides and the porters.
I could experience the beautiful country of Tanzania and the wonderful people who live there.
The guide was great for us and without him many climbers would not have made it.
With respect I will for long remember this fascinating experience.
Also a word to you, Ramon, because you made it possible for me.
The group was very good, all very motivated people with character.
I was glad I could be there!"

Look at this group!
Fifteen participants made it to the summit!

Guido Schouw: "Conclusion: Absolutely worth it, unforgettable,
don't underestimate altitude sickness :), the porters are heroes!
And the fantastic Mr Lei (left) on top of Kilimanjaro at age 68: an example for us all!!"

Bob Holdsworth and Peter Baxter found warmth up there!

"Not everybody will repeat this. It was nice and warm at the summit, haha.
It was a sunny day!"

Joost and Marie Anne Hofland shook hands at the summit at 7.10 am!

"This was hour honeymoon, including the climb of the Mt Kilimanjaro.
Totally unforgettable!"

Ian Stephens sent in his top photo:

"I made it on via Machame Routs at age 66 and after fighting cancer for 42 months."

Ben Jassin and Dennis Lauwers reached the summit:

"At 6.15am we reached the top. It was ice cold and there was a hard wind. Tired but satisfied we enjoyed the beautiful view!"

Madelon and Jan Dekker summitted:

"In one word: FANTASTIC!"

Susanne Beentjes and her dad Jan Beentjes reached the top:

"We had an incredible good time and enjoyed it the fullest. It was a good ending of my time in Tanzania. We had a really fun group and really reached the top as a team, super! We were also very satisfied with our guide, the cook and all porters." <

Ramon Fliek made it to the top:

"I was there at 4 am at night! We climbed really fast to the summit in less than four hours! At the top it was -30ºC. The view was... dark... but what a kick that was!"

André van Wingerden made the summit:

Serge de Wekker also got all the way up there:

""I made it, in the afternoon, so the temperature was pretty warm"

Vincent Verhagen got his record:

"On June 23 at 7am exactly."

Miranda de Jager did it:

Irma Goipiemade it up Kilimanjaro!

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